Product development

We offer product development services in all product groups in accordance with our customers’ wishes. We can also conduct product development on the turnkey principle. We also propose our own product ideas and finished products to our customers.

We can manufacture various test versions and formulations to a rapid schedule:

  • Taste samples of powdered drinks, chewing tablets and lozenges
  • Samples such as creams, gels, solutions and shampoos
  • Samples of oral preparations (including flavour, mouth feel, shape, capsule filling level)
  • Samples of topical preparations (including skin feel, spreadability)
  • Samples of packaging solutions

We offer comprehensive services for pharmaceuticals:

  • Early stage product development
  • Process validation
  • Pilot scale batches
  • Arrangements for clinical bioequivalent studies
  • Documentation for marketing authorisations
  • Design, execution and coordination of stability studies
  • Chemical analysis
  • Determination of microbiological purity
  • Physical testing

We aim to help our customers to succeed with new products.